"In every interaction sits an opportunity for growth"




We know that females experience the world differently than men – and we use that advanced knowledge and perceptive capability to grow products and brands into optimized versions that resonate globally.  

HOW THE MEN MIGHT SAY IT  I   Girlapproved...

  • Exposes global/mass scale hidden needs and markets
  • Predicts and activate market tipping points - disruptive innovation
  • Identifes the largest untapped growth opportunity in an industry
  • identifes enterprise scale reccurring revenue opportunities
  • Decommoditizes product categories
  • Turns around existing products and brands suffering from slow or deteriorating growth
  • TRIAGE: stop unintended consequences, waste and reputation loss
  • Appraises market impact of a concept prior to launch
  • Invents disruptive new global product categories
  • Provides highly optimized blueprint for growth





Understand universal human needs at more evolved levels and use this data to identify and activate new global markets Our success rate is the high 90s where standard prediction methods are low 6-8%

Deterministically identify and activate tipping points.  disruptive new product/tech/brands. We have repeatedly created breakthrough innovations that made global corporations the next category leaders. Historically, predicting disruption or tipping was viewed as intractable. 

Prevent economic waste and dangerous unintended consequences. spot fatal strategic errors that advanced organizations such as AOR, management consulting firms,  Bain, Mckinsey can not detect.

Enable businesses to create more purposeful products that truly benefit society. As a result employees experience work pride, purpose and unity when they know their products are meaningful and make a positive contribution to society


growth -  how to predict it, measure it,  activate it

marketing -    actionable blueprints that will increase revenues + market share

brands -  how to decommoditize a productcategory or to turn around a brand

creative -  how to optimize creative to achieve instant mass appeal

innovation + design -  invent a product, technology, brand with long term stable growth

needs -  expose universal or mass scale unmet market needs that are recurring

social -  how to achieve equality,  human potential,  content

digital native consumer -  what do they  want (no language to express it before)

data + smart -  what  is intelligence, what is error,  what is irrelevant noise

diversity -  understand, honor, support and benefit the natural talents of both genders

design  -  identify hidden dimensions  that directly influencing product success/failure

sustainability - how to preserve our resources for that what we true needs, eliminate

human potential |   exposes and model higher order needs

Growth Appraisal |  Is this girlapproved?  Evaluating if a product/brand/campaign is Girlapproved - a growth potential appraisal of a prototype or idea to pre-empt harmful unintended economic or market consequences

Growth Potential |  Deep-diving into a product or category to discover your customers’ greatest unmet needs (the “Big Ah-Ha” growth opportunity).

Growth Codes |  Producing a blueprint for disruptive innovation – with a complete product, packaging, marketing and creative recommendations - to ensure you leverage your new knowledge in the proper way

ADDITIONAL PERK  I   Working with our team on this collection will not only get you the most advanced thinking in growth and innovation – it will also grant you genuine philanthropic goodwill from the community.  Everybody wants to support girls and the next generation, and we can use that to generate authentic PR that builds credibility with the buyer and the market.  You will receive a license to use our Girlapproved Standard on any products that we create or have consulted upon.


               Global category innovation |  Unilever, playtex, P&G,  Samsung, Crayola

              Category decommodization |    P&G HAIR ,  Clearasil,  Sunny D,   Walmart ones Apparel

              Brand Turnarounds |  Jones Apparel,  Varsity

              Catastrophic waste prevention |   

              Growth & market approisal.

              First to market consumer tech   |  barbie, cbs, time warner, aol, Varsity